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About Me

Hi! Welcome to World Travel Adventures!

My name is Michelle. I absolutely love to travel and plan to see the world! I decided it was time to make a career change and start living the life we all dream about, well at least I... an all travel life! There is so much out there to see and do and I am excited to be able to live my dream, but to also help you achieve yours!

World Travel Adventures can help you plan your dream vacation without all the stress and time involved planning it yourself. We at World Travel Adventures understand that your time is important, so why spend it on lengthy searches and trying to navigate through your whole trip alone. Let us help make things as smooth and as comfortable as possible!


We also have different travel adventure group for you to sign up for and participate new people, see places you never thought you could go and do it with the comfort of a larger group, so you don't feel you have to navigate this world alone.


Contact Us at: 

We will be glad to help you plan your next adventure! Thanks!

*Dates, Pricing Availability and Itinerary details are subject to change at any time and without notice. This site is for information purposes only to help you plan your next Adventure. Everything is up to the discretion of the Tour companies and World Travel Adventures can not be held responsible for these changes.

For booking, availability and current detailed itineraries… consult your travel agent. 507-412-5288 or

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