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Borneke Family

Costa Rica - Feb 2020 Adventure!

 Must Sign up by:

Dec 15th, 2019


Starting the week of Dec. 16th-22nd you will receive an email from: 

World Travel Adventures to let you know the expected date your card will be charged for your selected tour(s) and if we have any added questions.


Please Note: Payments will be processed after the deadline date - once the details for your tour selections have been submitted.

Excursion(s) and/or Trip Protection Sign up

Please note: The child age rate, pick up locations and tour date will vary depending on tour selected.

Thanks for submitting! Please proceed to the payment link below!

Please submit payment here:

*Dates, Pricing Availability and Itinerary details are subject to change at any time and without notice. This site is for information purposes only to help you plan your next Adventure. Everything is up to the discretion of the Tour companies and World Travel Adventures can not be held responsible for these changes.

For booking, availability and current detailed itineraries… consult your travel agent. 507-412-5288 or

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